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The Economy

The economy should work for everyone, not just those who ride welfare programs or take advantage of the middle class. It's time to reform and change the system at the heart of American decline. We need to make sure that the economic prosperity is at the center of our policy, this is Michelle's platform to put America on the rise once again:

Fixing the Broken Economy

Lowering Taxes

Decreasing Government Spending

Building Work Force Housing

Lowering taxes on small businesses and the middle class, putting money back in the pockets of hard working-Americans.

Government shouldn't outspend the economy, it's time to review and consolidate programs and reduce overall spending.

Housing across America is too expensive, its time we build work-force housing to reinvigorate America's suffocating economy.

Reducing Inflation

Instead of racking up trillions on the tab of hard-working Americans, ending inflation is simple and Michelle will do just that by lowering spending.


For too long educators and students have been taken advantage of by controlling unions. It is time to return the power to the parents, unions should have never had control over students' curriculums. Michelle is dedicated to rebuilding the institutions to build America's future. That means more funding for school choice initiatives, less control from the Department of Education, and increasing the number of grants and programs for schools that are benefiting students, not benefitting statistics.

Presentation in Class

Rebuilding the Future of American Education

Italian Law Book

Rewriting Education Law

Reforming No Child Left Behind and repealing Common Core Standards.

Elementary Science Class

Building a new Common-Sense Curriculum

Ending and preventing bureaucrats from writing education curriculum, while putting the power back in the hands of the parents and teachers.

Online Class

Parent Transparency in Schools

Building a national registry for parents to check curriculum and be informed of what their children are and will be learning and provide information.


Nationalized School Choice

All parents should have an option to place their children in schools that benefit them to the fullest extent possible.


Crime hurts everybody, people, businesses and even government. It's time we change that, instead of letting prosecutors drop charges for violent crimes, it's time we enforce every crime to the fullest extent of the law. People should not feel unsafe walking in their neighborhood. Michelle will fix this, reinstating mandatory minimums on criminal behavior and crimes.

Presentation in Class

Rescuing America from crime

Police Cars

Reinstating Mandatory Minimums

Instead of letting Criminals off with a small fine for violent crime, it's time to punish them and ensure communities are kept safe.

Crime Scene Investigation

Enforcing stiffer penalties for repeat offenders

Repeat offenders shouldn't have their sentences lightened. They should face stiffer consequences for their crimes.

Court Room

Crafting new penalties for prosecutors who refuse to charge violent criminals

While some prosecutors are minimizing the actions of criminals, congress must enforce stricter protocols for prosecutorial conduct.

Police Tapes

Creating new penalties for theft and property damage

Criminals at a higher rate in nearly forty-years are breaking into vehicles, homes, and other properties. It's time to crack down.

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